Malmi health station building and entrance.

Changes in social and health care services on 17 March

Due to the coronavirus situation, Helsinki is opening in Malmi another corona health station on Thursday 19 March. Information service to the elderly is increased. Non-urgent social and health services are cut down. In order to protect risk groups visits to hospitals and assisted living facilities are forbidden.

A corona health station to Malmi

Helsinki is opening in Malmi another corona health station on Thursday 19 March at 8:00. 

All residents of Helsinki with respiratory tract symptoms or diarrhoea with fever and nausea with a need for a doctor’s assessment are referred to the corona health stations. Respiratory tract symptoms are a cough, sore throat, a cold and fever. Other health stations will not treat anyone with these symptoms.

Malmi corona health station is open Mon‒Fri 8‒18 at Talvelantie 4. Opening hours of corona health stations can be increased, if needed.

Those who are at present clients of Malmi health station will be served from 18 March as follows:

  • Jakomäki health station, Vuorensyrjä 8, tel. 09 310 53153
  • Pihlajamäki health station, Meripihkatie 8, p. 09 310 59800
  • Haaga health station, Ajurinaukio 1, tel. 09 310 53300
  • Suutarila health station, Suutarilantie 32, tel. 09 310 53410

Malmi maternity and child health clinic and Malmi dental clinic are serving clients as normally on the second floor. Entrance is via stairway C, not via the main entrance.

13.3.: Laakso health station becomes a Corona health station

Do you suspect a coronavirus infection?

If you have mild symptoms, stay home. In mild cases coronavirus samples will not be taken. In most cases, the infection is healed within a week at home, without medical treatment. The symptoms can be eased with painkillers. 

If your symptoms require treatment, ring Helsinki coronavirus helpline tel. 09 310 10024 (weekdays 7-16). At other times, call the Medical helpline, tel. 116 117. In case of emergency, please call 112.

Health stations have no evening appointments

Health stations are from 18 March open on weekdays 8–16. Health stations have no evening appointments. Exceptions from this are Kalasatama Health and Well-being Centre and Laakso and Malmi corona health stations. Non-urgent appointments are cancelled at all health stations. Clients will be contacted.

Open maternity and child health clinics closed - do not come to the clinic with a sick child

Open maternity and child health clinics are closed. Do not bring a sick child to the clinic. If the maternity and child health clinic is cutting down non-urgent appointments, clients will be contacted.

No visits to assisted living facilities of the elderly and disabled

In order to be able to protect the elderly, the disabled and other risk groups, visit are prohibited in all senior centres, hospitals and assisted living facilities. Residents are encouraged to have contact with their loved ones by phone or remote access. If your loved one is in palliative care, please discuss your visits with the personnel. 

Support for the elderly - Senior Info has longer opening hours

Senior Info telephone service is open on weekdays 9-18, tel. 09 310 44556 and on chat We have increased our opening hours in order to meet the needs of the elderly and their relatives.  

You can inform us about a concern of an older person also by an online Notice of concern (Huoli-ilmoitus) www.hel.fI/seniorit.

Citizens over 70 years of age are asked to stay at home, if possible, in order to protect themselves against the coronavirus. Walking outdoors and walking a dog is recommended, but close contact with other people should be avoided.

Self-treatment products are sent via post to clients

Self-treatment products will be posted to clients. The products can be picked up at collection point or a parcel locker (free of charge).  Please notice, that for now you cannot pick up products at the service point