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Sms about the coronavirus to Helsinki citizens

Helsinki citizens who have a mobile telephone number will receive a sms with instructions about how to act if they suspect a coronavirus infection. The sms will be sent to all mobile numbers, which are not secret. Sending will start on Monday 30 March.

”We also want to use this media in order to ensure that every citizen will get the important information about the coronavirus. No one in Helsinki shall be left without the information of how to act in case of a corona suspicion”, Jan Vapaavuori, Mayor of Helsinki, emphasises.

The sms will be sent in Finnish, Swedish and English.

English sms

Dear Helsinki citizen, if you suspect having contracted the coronavirus, and self-care at home does not help, please call tel. 310 10024 Mon-Fri 7 - 20 and at other times tel. 116 117. We are treating people with respiratory infection at Malmi and Laakso corona health stations. The elderly are served also by Senior Info, tel. 09 310 44556 Mon-Fri 9 - 18. More information at www.hel.fi/en/coronavirus.

Best regards, the City of Helsinki

Photo: Marja Väänänen