Ship passengers to be requested to provide proof of COVID-19 test in Tallinn and Helsinki

Ship lines to Helsinki are now requesting passengers to present proof of a negative coronavirus test result or having contracted COVID-19 previously. All passengers above the age of 12 must have a certificate upon boarding.

The test result must not be older than 72 hours at the beginning of the journey. Those who have had COVID-19, must have had it within the past six months. A certificate is not required from cruise passengers who have not disembarked in another country.

Passengers will be asked to present the aforementioned proof for the second time at the health information point located at the port in Helsinki. The information points are located in the terminal and by the car lane. Passengers who do not have either certificate will be referred to a coronavirus test at the port.

During their journey, passengers to Helsinki will be provided with a contact information form. It is recommended to fill in the form before arrival in Helsinki and the health information point at the port. This will expedite arrivals in Finland. The information points are located in the terminal and by the car lane.

The contact information form filled in onboard the ship will be sent from the Port of Helsinki to the health authorities of each passenger’s municipality of permanent or temporary residence. The information provided can be used to refer passengers to a second test to shorten the quarantine period. The information may also be used for infection tracking.

We urge ship passengers arriving in Finland to enter a self-imposed 14-day quarantine. The quarantine period can be shortened with a second test.

The recommended earliest time for the second coronavirus test is 72 hours after arriving in the country. Passengers who have had COVID-19 within the past six months do not need to get tested.

You can make an appointment for a coronavirus test in Finland

  • most conveniently through the Finentry service at (in the case of Finentry bookings with the relevant proof, filling in the contact information form is not required)    
  • at a coronavirus information point in your municipality of permanent or temporary residence (Helsinki residents can call tel. 09 310 10024 every day 8:00–18:00)
  • through the service (Helsinki residents with symptoms)

Coronavirus tests conducted by Finnish public health care services are free of charge. When awaiting the test results, it is important to remain in self-imposed quarantine at home or other accommodations. If the second test result is also negative, the self-imposed quarantine can be ended. 

Passengers who are essential for security of supply must also have a certificate of a negative test result or having contracted COVID-19 earlier. Generally speaking, these passengers must adhere to the same rules as other passengers (see the instruction above).

Transport and logistics personnel working in freight transport do not need to remain in quarantine or get tested when arriving in Finland for work duties. However, it is possible to get tested at the port. Instructions suitable for their specific work tasks have been prepared and distributed separately.  

The new operating models for harbours have been planned together with the Port of Helsinki, the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa, Finnish Customs, the Finnish Border Guard and the shipping companies.

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