Malmi hospital sign

Several coronavirus infections in ward 12 of Malmi Hospital – a further infection in Suursuo

Several coronavirus infections have been reported in ward 12 of Malmi Hospital. In total, 8 people have contracted coronavirus in the ward. Five of the current infections are in patients and three in staff. The first infection in the ward was detected on 2 November. In Suursuo Hospital, there is a further infection related to the infection in Malmi Hospital due to a hospital transfer that occurred before the coronavirus infection was detected.

Ward 12 of Malmi Hospital has been closed since Friday 5 November and will remain closed until at least Monday 15 November. Testing of staff and patients in the Malmi ward will continue this week.

The loved ones of patients treated in the ward have been contacted and informed about the situation.

Malmi and Suursuo hospitals are units of Helsinki City Hospital.

Image: Virpi Velin