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Service centres to stay closed until the end of February

Service centres will remain closed at least until 28.2.2021. The opening of service centres will be re-evaluated in February. 

– Helsinki has entered the spreading phase of the coronavirus. As our customers belong to risk groups, we have assessed, together with the Epidemiologic Operations Unit, that we are not yet able to reopen service centre activities,’ says Western Service District Director Maarit Rautio.

Day activities for the elderly to be suspended

Day activities for the elderly will be suspended for a fixed period between 7.12 and 28.2.2021. Day activity customers will be contacted in person.

– ‘We will attempt to find alternative forms of contact for our customers who are most in need of support,’ nurse Heli Sillanpää says.

– ‘Day activities were opened a month ago, but the epidemic situation has changed rapidly. We must put the safety of our customers first in this matter also,’ Rautio emphasises.

Service centres’ supported group activities will also be suspended.

Service centres are open meeting places for Helsinki residents who are retired or unemployed. At service centres, you can participate in various hobby groups, go to the gym and receive service guidance from social instructors, among other things.

Older people’s day activities are organised, for example, for people over the age of 65 who have a memory disorder and live at home. Day activities also support the informal carers’ coping.

Picture: Oona Kunnasniemi

News has been updated on 27th of January at 16.50 pm. Day activities for elderly will be suspended untill 28.2.2021.