Group exercise for seniors in a service centre.

Service centres to open on Tuesday, 1 March

City of Helsinki service centres will open their doors to all customers on Tuesday, 1 March. At the same time, all service centre services that are open to all, such as gym activities, restaurant services and group activities, will be opened. Senior centres’ day activities will also be launched on 1 March. 

As the service centres start up after such a long lockdown, they may at first be busy for a while. Staff will work hard to get the everything up and running as soon as possible.

Safety guidelines must still be followed

All customers are still urged to follow the current safety guidelines, such as wearing a face mask and maintaining good hand and cough hygiene. This is to ensure that service centre visits are safe for all people.

“If you have any symptoms at all suggestive of coronavirus, no matter how mild they are, you must not come to the service centre. It is very important that you do not visit service centres when you are ill,” says Maritta Haavisto, Service District Director.  

Adequate safety distances will continue to be observed in the service centres’ premises. The premises and surfaces will be cleaned more actively.

Further information on service centre activities

Contact information for the service centres

Service centres are open meeting places that support living at home, promote health and well-being and reduce loneliness. Their services are intended for pensioners and unemployed persons living in Helsinki. At the service centre, you can receive service guidance and counselling from a social instructor, participate in peer support group activities, recreational activities, various events and excursions or work as a volunteer. Service centre restaurants and cafés are open to all.


Photo: Oona Kunnasniemi