Nicole and Jonna from Senior Info.

Senior Info encourages older people to contact them: ‘There is nothing you cannot ask about’

During the coronavirus period, Senior Info has received more questions than usual, as older people have had concerns about the restrictions, for example. Senior Info service advisors and the elderly have thought of solutions together.

Service advisors Jonna Adhikari and Nicole Renwall-Iivonen have noticed that they are getting a whole range of coronavirus-related questions.

‘Older people have been concerned about the guidelines for them and what they mean. They wonder if they can go to the grocery store, pharmacy and health centre and by what mode of transport. The protection of home care and assisted living workers has also been asked about. Furthermore, the coping of informal carers has been a concern. Family members of older people have contacted us and asked if they could visit their loved ones,’ Jonna says.

When should you contact Senior Info?

You should contact Senior Info if e.g. you feel that you need help with everyday life or you have questions about something.

‘We want to help older people maintain their well-being and ability to function. For example, you can ask us about exercise services; we are happy to give exercise advice. During the coronavirus period, contacts have focused on everyday challenges that are then addressed. But there does not have to be a problem: you can contact us with a low threshold,’ Jonna and Nicole say.

‘Yesterday, we received a call from an older person whose car battery had died, so we looked for mobile mechanics online who could deal with the battery problem. So we deal with a wide variety of issues. Do not hesitate to contact us. There is nothing you cannot ask about,’ Nicole says.

‘Let’s think together about possible solutions or what kind of services could help you or your loved one,’ Jonna concludes.

Many different service channels

Senior Info can be contacted by phone, tel. 09 310 44556, chat, concern notice form and email. Service is available in Finnish, Swedish and English. You can also contact Senior Info on social media, as long as you do not share sensitive information. You can find Senior Info's Facebook page here.

During the coronavirus period, a separate page has also been created on the Senior Info website with information about the coronavirus for older people. Here you can find the page in Finnish and Swedish.

‘The page provides information on what to do if you suspect an infection, among other things. We also highlight channels that provide assistance, such as Helsinki Helpline and Senior Info (in Finnish). On the page, we also tell you where you can get discussion help and exercise and cultural services remotely. The page is intended for older people and their loved ones, but also for cooperation partners,’ says Jonna.

Extended opening hours during the coronavirus period

To prepare for questions related to the coronavirus, Senior Info extended its opening hours and now serves weekdays from 9.00 to 18.00. The extended opening hours will continue until further notice, as long as there is need.

‘Telephone and online contacts increased significantly at the beginning of the coronavirus period. We have had additional resources to help at Senior Info, such as service centre staff, memory coordinators, occupational therapists and social instructors. Now a large number of them have returned to their own jobs because questions about the coronavirus have decreased,’ says Nicole.

Senior Info

Senior Info gives information about services for elderly people to Helsinki residents. Senior Info is meant for people over 65 years old and their loved ones. You can contact Senior Info with a low threshold. More information (in Finnish):