Kannelmäki comprehensive school

Pupils and staff of Itäkeskus and Kannelmäki comprehensive schools quarantined due to coronavirus exposure

One pupil and one staff member of Itäkeskus Comprehensive School have been placed in home quarantine for two weeks due to coronavirus exposure.

At the Kannelmäki Comprehensive School, 14 pupils and four staff members have been placed in home quarantine. In addition, 18 new pupils and two staff members have been placed in home quarantine 19 May. In total 32 pupils and six staff members have been placed in home quarantine at the Kannelmäki Comprehensive School.

At both schools, the staff and the pupils’ guardians have been informed of the exposure. The Epidemiological Operations Unit of the Social Services and Health Care Division will be in contact with the people placed in home quarantine and their families.

Contact teaching will continue in these schools on Monday 18 May, and all pupils other than those now quarantined will come to school normally.

Those placed in home quarantine must remain at home and refrain from contact with people outside the home. During quarantine, pupils study with the help of remote connections, among other things.

The family members of the exposed people are not quarantined because they have not been in close contact with a person with a coronavirus infection. They can live and move about normally.