Entrance to Herttoniemi Reserve Hospital.

Reserve Hospital to continue operating in spring

Herttoniemi Reserve Hospital will continue to operate until April or May. The reserve hospital treats those infected with coronavirus.

At the moment, there are 29 patients at Herttoniemi Reserve Hospital.

“Due to the peak of the pandemic at the beginning of the year, there is still a clear need for more beds for COVID-19 patients than, for example, in spring 2021,” says Laura Pikkarainen, Medical Director of Hospital Services at Helsinki.

The reserve hospital has one ward that can accommodate 50 patients. Capacity for expansion has existed throughout the hospital’s existence.

“Although the pandemic situation has improved in many ways, it is not over yet. At the reserve hospital, we are also able to partially treat patients from other municipalities in Uusimaa,” Pikkarainen continues.

The reserve hospital was opened on 10 January 2022 in close cooperation between the Social Services and Health Care Division of Helsinki and HUS. The reserve hospital arrangement ensured the adequacy of hospital beds as the COVID-19 pandemic escalated and freed up beds for other follow-up treatment in Laakso Hospital.

Personnel of the Social Services and Health Care Division of the City of Helsinki, for example employees from the hospitals and senior centres of Helsinki, and HUS employees work at the reserve hospital.

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Photo: Riina Stén