A woman with a phone.

Questions to exposed and infected persons by text messages

As of Saturday the 10th of October, Helsinki residents exposed to or infected with coronavirus will receive a text message from the City, in which they are requested to fill in an electronic form.

The message will also inform exposed and infected persons that the City’s epidemiological operations will contact them by phone.

The message contains a request to fill in a form, which can be accessed through a link. The form contains questions for collecting key information related to the exposure or infection. Simultaneously, practical instructions related to coronavirus exposure and infection are are provided.

“Filling in this form facilitates and speeds up the customer’s transactions in the case of an exposure or infection. It also speeds up tracing activities”, medical director Kustaa Piha says.

The requested information are of prime importance for infection tracing and for breaking chains of infection in Helsinki.

To access the form, users must sign in with suomi.fi identification using banking codes, a mobile certificate or an electronic identity card.

If using the form is not possible, the information will be requested traditionally by phone when the infection tracer gets in touch with the infected or exposed person.

The new practice will be available in Swedish and English at the beginning of next week.

Photo: Violeta Stoimenova / iStock Photo