Signpost in the yard of Herttoniemi Reserve Hospital

Operations of Herttoniemi Reserve Hospital to end

The operations of Herttoniemi Reserve Hospital will end on Sunday, 8 May 2022. The matter was decided by the steering group of the reserve hospital. No new patients will be admitted to the hospital. Current patients will be either discharged from the hospital or transferred to the coronavirus ward of Laakso Hospital before the hospital closes. The reserve hospital staff will return to their normal duties.

The City of Helsinki started the operations of Herttoniemi Reserve Hospital on 10 January, as the number of COVID-19 patients increased significantly at the turn of the year. The city opened the hospital in close cooperation with HUS. In addition to very smooth cooperation, the opening was enabled by the customer and patient information system Apotti used by both organisations. In addition to the employees of the City of Helsinki and HUS, health-care personnel of the cities of Espoo and Vantaa also worked at the reserve hospital.

During winter and spring, 453 patients diagnosed with COVID-19 were treated in the reserve hospital. In addition to Helsinki residents, patients also came from Espoo, Kirkkonummi, Kauniainen, Kerava, Raasepori, Hanko, Vihti, Sipoo, Lohja and Vantaa.  The reserve hospital allowed beds to be freed at both the city and HUS' wards and it eased the burden on primary healthcare in the HUS region in terms of COVID-19 patients.

Patients of Herttoniemi Reserve Hospital and their loved ones have been informed about the hospital’s closure.

Photo: Riina Stén