Siltamäki assisted living facility.

Operation of Siltamäki assisted living facility to end in November 2021

The operation of the Siltamäki assisted living facility in Siltamäki will end on 22 November. The facilities of the assisted living facility are no longer optimally suited to the needs of 24-hour service housing.

“The premises are in bad shape and some of the buildings are protected, so they cannot be renovated to suit our needs in this case. Therefore, the Social Services and Health Care Division has decided to give up the premises altogether,” says Tarja Sainio, Director of the Kustaankartano senior centre.

 At the end of the operation, the employees of the Siltamäki assisted living facility will transfer to Kustaankartano.

“The assisted living facility has been an integral part of the community in the Siltamäki area for many years. We thank all our partners and residents for the past years,” says Sainio.

Current residents will continue to receive the services they need

The care and service needs of all residents of the Siltamäki assisted living facility have been assessed to determine their need for support and services. Based on the assessment, the residents will continue to receive the services they need.

“Many of the residents will receive a care place in another assisted living facility or a senior centre. Some of the residents have already moved, and the rest will do so by the end of November. No resident will be deprived of the services they need,” Sainio says.

A special information session for residents and their relatives was organised in September. The event went smoothly.

“I would like to thank the residents and their family members and relatives for their good cooperation regarding the move,” says Sainio.

Photo:  Mikael Lindén