Lobby greeters in the lobby of the health and well-being centre.

Opening hours of Myllypuro and Kalasatama extended in early November

Starting from November, the health and well-being centres of Myllypuro and Kalasatama will offer non-urgent appointments on weekday evenings after 16:00. The evenings appointments require advance booking.

The opening hours of both health and wellbeing centres, the health station, dental care services, Mieppi mental health services and physiotherapy will be extended from 1 November onwards.

Evening appointments in Myllypuro

Myllypuro Health and Well-being Centre will have extended opening hours from 1 November onwards. Non-urgent appointments will be available from Monday to Thursday at 16:00–18:00. Evening appointments are available for the health station services, dental care services, Mieppi mental health services and physiotherapy.

The appointments are intended for the customers of Myllypuro, Kontula and Kivikko health stations, and they will take place at Myllypuro health station. At Kontula and Kivikko health stations, the opening hours will remain as they are: weekdays 8:00–16:00.

“The extended hours have been planned for Myllypuro for some time. The feedback from customer surveys has also shown a desire for longer opening hours,” says Project Manager Lars Rosengren, who is in charge of planning at Myllypuro Health and Wellbeing Centre.

Services in Kalasatama until 20:00

The health station services and dental care services in Kalasatama will resume their pre-pandemic weekday evening opening hours. Non-urgent services will be available by appointment until 20:00. In addition to this, low-threshold mental health services (Mieppi), physiotherapy and occupational therapy will be available until 18:00. The exception to these hours are Fridays, on which the health station services, Mieppi and physiotherapy will be available until 16:00.

“Through the extended hours, we can serve the customers of both health and wellbeing centres more flexibly. I believe that the evening hours will help people who are working, among others, access the social and healthcare services,” says Director of Health and Substance Abuse Services Leena Turpeinen.

“Our goal is that, in the future, we will have health and wellbeing centres around Helsinki to serve residents through extensive opening hours,” Turpeinen adds.

Emergency services in Malmi, Meilahti and at the New Children’s Hospital

The emergency services of the health stations after 16:00 will remain available in Malmi and Meilahti (Haartman Hospital). Emergency services for children under 16 will remain at the New Children’s Hospital.