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You can now take the COVID-19 symptom check-up in English

The Omaolo online service now offers an English-language version of the COVID-19 symptom check-up service. The check-up is intended for people with immigrant backgrounds living in Finland who are able to manage their affairs in English.

”Helsinki is an international city with residents from around the world. Here at Omaolo, we are pleased to be able to serve those who cannot speak Finnish or Swedish,” says Medical Director Marja-Liisa Lommi.

After filling in the questionnaire, respondents will be provided with nationally coherent instructions on what to do depending on their symptoms. Unlike the Finnish- and Swedish-language questionnaires, the English-language version will not offer contact details for a professional at a health station or emergency services at this time. Omaolo will, however, provide instructions on what to do if the client needs to contact healthcare services.

The English version of the COVID-19 questionnaire has been implemented in cooperation with Sotedigi Oy, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare and Duodecim Publishing Company Ltd. This is the first ever English-language symptom check-up in Omaolo.

You can complete the questionnaire at

Omaolo contains 17 symptom check-ups

Currently, the Omaolo service contains 16 different symptom check-ups and one general symptom assessment questionnaire in Finnish and Swedish.

The Omaolo symptom check-ups are based on the medical database maintained by Duodecim Publishing Company Ltd, i.e. the most recent research data. Omaolo currently reaches approximately 2.5 million people in Finland.

Where can I find Omaolo?

The Omaolo online service is located at