Vuosaari Harbour.

No coronavirus infections detected at Vuosaari Harbour on Sunday

On Sunday 16 August, some of the passengers arriving at Vuosaari Harbour from Germany were offered the opportunity to undergo a voluntary coronavirus test. None of the passengers who opted to get tested were found to be infected with the coronavirus.

The test was offered to a total of 127 passengers travelling in 65 cars, of whom 46 passengers took up the offer. In addition to this, 8 other ship passengers also opted to get tested.

The opportunity for a voluntary coronavirus test was offered to passengers in connection with normal customs checks regardless of whether they displayed symptoms. Health guidance was provided by the City of Helsinki, while the actual testing was carried out by HUSLAB.

“The health guidance and testing went well in Vuosaari. The lessons learned will be utilised in the expansion of coronavirus health guidance and more generally in assessing the risk of ship passengers carrying coronavirus infections to Finland. We will most likely be carrying out similar testing in the future at other harbours and for different ship routes as well,” says Director of Health and Substance Abuse Services Leena Turpeinen.

At present, Helsinki’s harbours record approximately 10,000–15,000 arriving passengers per day. The majority of these are passengers on short cruises departed from Finland or the Baltic countries.

The City of Helsinki also set up a health guidance point at the West Harbour on Monday 17 August. The operating model is similar to the one used at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, where all arriving passengers are offered information on the COVID-19 coronavirus, its prevention and symptoms. Passengers exhibiting symptoms are instructed to get tested for the coronavirus. The first few days of the health guidance operations at the West Harbour have gone well. Similar operations will also be started at the Olympic Terminal, the Katajanokka Terminal and the Vuosaari Hansa Terminal in the near future.

Photo: Pertti Nisonen