Service voucher system in Helsinki to change

The service voucher system in Helsinki is set to change. The change will apply to all service vouchers issued by the City of Helsinki. The change of system will not affect the criteria for issuing service vouchers to customers and will not require any action on the part of customers.

The first to introduce the new system will be home services for families with children on 1 January 2020. Service vouchers for home services for families with children that have already been issued will be valid until the turn of the year.

After the change, vouchers will be issued as before but the service provider will be chosen in the new system at
For other services, the vouchers will be introduced in two phases in February and March 2020. We will inform the current service voucher users about the change closer to the introduction.

A new, more versatile system

In the new system, the services available for customers will be more versatile than before. For example, customers can use a map service to find a service provider, compare prices and confirm when the service in question is available.

More information and instructions for customers and service providers are available in Finnish and Swedish at

The new service voucher system can be found at (in Finnish and Swedish).