New and improved housing information services

The City of Helsinki now provides improved and increasingly flexible housing information services. Customers are served with upgraded webpages and with a chat that allows them to log in with their personal identifying data to handle some of their personal affairs. 

The housing information webpages now have clear customer journeys, in order that users can find the information they need as easily as possible and reach customer service attendants better than before.

Chat allows customers to handle their personal affairs

The housing information chat allows customers to identify themselves securely and so handle personal and confidential affairs. A chat session is always initiated anonymously, but as needed the customer service attendant may ask the customer to submit personal identifying data.  

The chat now also serves in Somali. Seynab Omar Mohamed, a project worker in the City housing friends team, says that he has been contacted with questions about applications for housing. 

Maarit Lehtinen, in charge of the housing friends operation, believes that multichannel services in different languages are highly important for foreign-born customers. “This is a pilot project, and we’ll assess the continuation of the work during this spring,” Lehtinen says. 

The new electronic services reach customers better than before.

“Our electronic services no doubt diversify our operations and help us to target our resources according to customer needs. The development of online housing information services has been a long-term project with us. It’s beginning to look good now,” says the team leader of the online services project Pauliina Partanen, delighted with the progress. 

The City of Helsinki housing information is meant for all Helsinki residents with questions about housing and related problems. Customers can ask questions about challenges with housing, how to apply for various allowances and benefits, difficulties with rent payments, and problems occurring in various life crises such as divorce and eviction. 

Our housing consultants collaborate with various other experts and counsel other key players as needed, including various associations, housing managers and landlords. 

The new housing information pages are still only in Finnish. The English pages will be published later. The chat already serves in English. Chat service in Somali is available on Wednesdays from 13–16.

 Housing information webpages and chat (pages so far in Finnish only)