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More access for guardians in Maisa

Parents/guardians can now act on behalf of all their dependents under the age of 18 in Maisa. Previously, they could only act on behalf of children under 12. 

For parents/guardians acting on behalf of children under the age of 12, Maisa remains unchanged, with all the same functions and views as before. However, when the parent/guardian acts on behalf of a 12–17-year-old, Maisa’s content is more limited than when acting on behalf of children under the age of 12.

Maisa can also be used by minors age 10 and older if they have access to a strong authentication method, such as online banking credentials.

Minor’s ability to decide – assessed by a professional

A minor’s ability to make decisions about his or her healthcare is assessed by the treating healthcare professional. If the professional considers the minor to be able to make the decision, the minor can decide whether to show the information to his or her parent/guardian.

Entries made in social welfare services for a dependant under the age of 12 are visible to the parent/guardian in Maisa. For a 12–17-year-old, a social welfare professional can decide not to take enter data in Maisa if it is not in the child’s best interest. In this case, the minor’s information does not show in Maisa.

You can ask more about this from healthcare and social services employees.

Legislation behind the change

The change makes it easier to act on behalf of minors, and it also ensures that minors who are able to make a decision in accordance with national legislation can decide for themselves on their healthcare and social welfare matters and, if they so wish, keep their data from their parents/guardians.

How to act on
behalf of a minor in Maisa


What is Maisa?

Maisa is the part of the Apotti customer and patient information system that is visible to the customer. Helsinki residents can take care of healthcare and social welfare matters in Maisa.

Learn more about Maisa at Maisa.fi


Photo: Jussi Hellsten