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Maternity and child health care services are busy at the moment

The phone service of the maternity and child health care service is experiencing a high volume of calls

The phone service has been busy recently and the call-back times have been longer than usual. There have also been some delays in the bookings made through the e-services.

The chatbot NeRo is taken back into use and it will also help to reduce the phone queues. We are currently looking into when we can get the NeRo maternity and child health robot back on the web page. We will inform you about this later.

The anonymous maternity and child health care chat is available as normal on weekdays from 10-12. There you can chat anonymously with a nurse. If you want to take care of your own matters, the nurse will ask you to identify yourself. There have been some connection errors in the identification service.

We apologise for any inconvenience regarding the systems.

New nurses have been hired

The corona situation has also affected regular check-ups. New nurses have been recruited to help with the high demand. We will inform you later about the timetables for the regular check-ups.

Children's vaccinations

Because of the corona situation that has been ongoing since the spring, some of the vaccines that are usually given during regular check-ups have not been given. 

We recommend that all families who have missed vaccinations according to the national vaccination programme book 15-minute vaccination appointments. We recommend that you book the appointment through the e-service or the maternity and child health care phone service.

You can book an appointment at any maternity and child health clinic.

If you don’t have an agreement to act on behalf of your child, you can book an appointment by calling the maternity and child health care’s phone service Mon-Fri 8-12, tel. 09 310 55530 (call-back)

You can find the chat (in Finnish) here hel.fi or on the page for Family support (In Finnish). We are open on weekdays 10-12.

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