Malmi Health Station

Pukinmäki unit to close on 7 October – health station services return to Malmi

The services of Malmi Health Station in Pukinmäki will continue until Thursday, 7 October.

On Friday, 8 October, Malmi Health Station’s units in both Malmi and Pukinmäki will be closed. On that day, the customers of Malmi Health Station will receive urgent health services at the Suutarila, Puistola and Jakomäki health stations. 

As of Monday, 11 October, the operations of Malmi Health Station will continue normally in the familiar premises at Talvelantie 4.

The telephone number of Malmi Health Station is still 09 310 57702. The health station is open on weekdays at 8:00–16:00.

Malmi Health Station no longer has a COVID-19 health station serving the whole city.

Helsinki residents receive these services at their own health stations. If you have respiratory symptoms or COVID-19, contact online ( ) or by telephone (Coronavirus Help Line or your local health station).