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Laakso health station becomes a Corona health station

Laakso Corona health station starts on Monday 16 March and from then on all Helsinki patients needing urgent assessment or care for symptoms of respiratory infection are treated there.

Respiratory infection symptoms are cough, sore throat, fever, shortness of breath and headache or muscle pain.

Patients with respiratory infection symptoms are not from 16 March not treated at other Helsinki’s health stations.

Laakso Corona health station service is available Mon‒Fri between 8 and 18.

Those who are at present clients of Laakso health station will be served from 16 March as follows:

  • Haaga Health Station, Huovitie 5 tel.  09 310 49270
  • Munkkiniemi Health Station, Laajalahdentie 30, p. 09 310 48600
  • Töölö Health Station, Sibeliuksenkatu 14, p. 09 310 45500.

Those who are at present clients of Laakso maternity and child health clinic will be served from 16 March as follows:

  • Kallio family centre, Toinen linja 4 C
  • Lauttasaari maternity and child health clinic, Taivaanvuohentie 6
  • Viiskulma maternity and child health clinic, Pursimiehenkatu 4

We will contact our clients concerning the situation. The telephone service of the maternity and child health clinics is 09 3105 5530.

All non-urgent appointments at health stations are cancelled for the present.

Clients do not have to contact the health station. We will call you or send a text message about the cancellation of appointments.

If you need an URGENT assessment of respiratory infection symptoms, call the Coronavirus Helpline.

Coronavirus Helpline can be contacted by calling 09 310 10024 Mon–Fri 7–11. At other times in urgent situations you can call the Medical Helpline, tel. 116 117.

In urgent situations, you will receive instructions on how to act from the Coronavirus Helpline or the Medical Helpline. If needed, you will be directed to Laakso Corona health station or to a hospital.

Please, contact the Coronavirus Helpline and the Medical Helpline only if you do not manage at home with self-care of the symptoms.

At Laakso, patients will be treated in order of priority without appointment.

In most cases, the infection is healed without medical care within a week at home. The symptoms can be eased with painkillers.

In severe and life-threatening illness, please call the national emergency number 112.

Coronavirus samples

Coronavirus samples will be taken at HUS based on a doctor’s referral.

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 Published 14.3. and updated 16.3.