Part of Laakavuoren ala-aste’s pupils and staff members quarantined due to coronavirus exposure

HUS diagnosed on 12 March 2020 new coronavirus infections (covid-19). Due to the infections, experts of the City of Helsinki have made new quarantine decisions.

Due to the exposure, pupils of Laakavuoren ala-aste’s school classes 5A, 5B, 6A, 6B, 1-6C and 1-6D and staff members have been put in home quarantine for two weeks. The number of pupils quarantined is 73 and of staff 13. There are totally 253 pupils in the school.

Parents and the school staff have been informed about the exposure. The health care authorities have been in contact with those quarantined and their families.

The school is open on Friday, March 13, and all other pupils but those quarantined have a normal school day.

Those put into home quarantine must stay at home and not be in contact with people outside the home. During the quarantine, the pupils will be studying via remote desktop connection, amongst other things.

The family members of those who were exposed are not placed in quarantine, since they have not been in close contact with the person infected with the coronavirus. They can continue living and moving as normal.

An official decision will be delivered to the people placed in quarantine, according to which a guardian can stay home and take care of their child under 16 if need be, even if the child is healthy. The decision is based on the Communicable Diseases Act.