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Towards Kamppi – Kamppi family centre to open in autumn 2021!

Families with children in Helsinki will be offered family centre services in Kamppi. The family centre is the first of its kind in Helsinki city centre. The family centre will be completed at the heart of Helsinki at Malminkatu 3 F.

The construction of the centre started this autumn and it is due to be completed and opened to the public in autumn 2021.

The family centre provides children and young people under 17 and their families, as well as pregnant women, with a wide range of maternity and child health clinic services; home services for families with children; social services; and speech therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy services in one location.

In addition to this, employees from other services will also visit the Family Centre based on clients' needs. These services include, adult social work or substance abuse and mental health care services for adults.

The best for families with children

The Kamppi family centre will be the fourth family centre in Helsinki. Family centres have already been established in Itäkeskus, Vuosaari and Kallio.

Family centres bring services for children and families ranging from preventative services to special services under one roof. Individual service packages that suit the customers’ needs are designed at family centres.

The Kamppi family centre is situated in an excellent location with great accessibility. The centre is designed to offer families with children an open meeting place and provide an area for effective cooperation between various organisations.

“The Kamppi family centre is more than a maternity and child health clinic, with a wider range of services for families with children. The premises have been re-designed to be more versatile and attractive,” says Project Manager Anna-Kaisa Tukiala, warmly welcoming families with children to Kamppi.

The Kamppi family centre will serve families currently relying on the services of Töölö, Laakso and Viiskulma maternity and child health clinics.

Töölö and Laakso maternity and child health clinics are currently active at Kivelä hospital. Laakso maternity and child health clinic moved to Kivelä when the coronavirus health station was opened in the spring. The design of Laakso hospital is being prepared and its construction will begin in 2022 by demolishing building number 4, where the maternity and child health clinic was located.

Renovations are about to begin in Kivelä as well, and changes in the services available there are expected at the turn of the year. The maternity and child health clinics will temporarily move to replacement facilities until the Kamppi family centre is opened in autumn 2021, providing the clinics with their own facilities. The Kamppi family centre will also offer an opportunity to cooperate with other providers of services for families with children. All maternity and child health clinics will continue to serve their customers without interruptions to the best of their ability despite these changes in facilities.

“Clients are of course allowed to express their freedom of choice and go to other maternity and child health clinics and family centres more suitable to them,” says Tukiala.

Helsinki reforming its social and healthcare services

The opening of Kamppi Family Centre is part of the reform of Helsinki’s social and healthcare services. Have a look at what we are looking to achieve through the reform.

Learn more about online services for families on the Family support website.

Stay tuned!

Picture: Mari Huhtanen