Drawed picture about a child sitting on his mothers knee and getting vaccination.

Invitation for vaccination - some children have missed their scheduled check-ups

Due to the ongoing pandemic, many children’s child health clinic appointments have understandably been missed, although the child health clinics have been normally open during the whole Spring. Helsinki has not cut child health clinic appointments.

Therefore we are inviting all children who missed their scheduled check-ups during the period of 1 January–30 April 2020 to visit a child health clinic for vaccination during the period of 18 May–31 August 2020.

The amount of time reserved for the vaccination appointment is 15 minutes. The appointment is for administering vaccinations that are included in the national vaccination programme only (National vaccination programme).

You can book an appointment for the vaccination via e-services at:

You can book a vaccination appointment at any child health clinic.

If you have not established an agreement for acting on behalf of your child, you can book a vaccination appointment at a child health clinic via the telephone service:

Mon–Fri 8:00–14:00 tel. 09 310 55530 (call-back)

Please note that the centralised maternity and child health clinic telephone service is open between 15 June and 9 August on weekdays 8:00–13:00.