Blue cartoon character presenting an influenza virus.

Influenza vaccinations for Helsinki residents start 9 November 2020

Free influenza vaccinations will be provided to people in risk groups from Monday to Friday during weeks 46, 47 and 48, meaning 9–13 November, 16–20 November and 23–27 November. This year, vaccinations are exceptionally provided by appointment only. Vaccination appointments can only be booked from 26 October onwards.

Influenza vaccinations are free of charge for those who are

  • in a risk group due to an illness or treatment
  • 65 years old or over
  • entering mandatory or voluntary military service
  • pregnant
  • 7 years old or younger
  • working in social services, health care or pharmaceutical services
  • close relatives and friends of people susceptible to severe influenza.

We will provide more information about the vaccinations as soon as possible.

Influenza vaccinations 2020

Influenza vaccination weeks for Helsinkians continue at the vaccination points in December