Laakso hospital.

Immediate family can now meet with patients of Helsinki City Hospital even indoors

From Friday 10 July onwards, immediate family can also meet patients indoors, in addition to outdoor visits. The visits must always be agreed on in advance with the staff of the hospital ward in question.

For the time being, indoor visits are only allowed for the patient’s immediate family. Indoor visits may last up to 15 minutes, and no more than two visitors may be present at a time. Visits will take place in patient rooms.

Visitors will be provided with surgical masks, which they must wear for the entire duration of the visit. The nurses will instruct the visitors on how to use the masks. Friends and family of patients are also reminded to maintain good hand hygiene and to only visit when they are well.

Visitors are instructed to maintain sufficient safe distances. For example, hugging is still not allowed.

“It’s extremely important that visitors schedule their visit in advance with the ward’s staff. The staff will always instruct the visitors on the exact visiting procedures. This way, we can ensure that the visits are safe,” says Medical Director of Helsinki City Hospital Laura Pikkarainen.

Outdoor visits are also still possible and recommended.

“If the patient’s health allows, we would prefer visitors to meet with the patients outdoors. Outdoor visits may last up to two hours, and no more than five visitors may be present at a time,” Pikkarainen adds.

Visitors must wear a surgical mask and maintain a sufficient safe distance of approximately two metres even during outdoor visits.

You can request more information from your friend or relative’s care institution. The hospitals of the City of Helsinki include Laakso, Malmi and Suursuo hospitals.

Photo: Virpi Velin