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Housing information point opens in Helsinki – guidance will first be offered by phone and chat

The new housing information point offers guidance for various challenges related to housing. You can also receive help and instructions for seeking housing e.g. in situations where you need  advice regarding the e-services. The information point will also offer other guidance services in the future, such as financial and debt counselling. 

Because of the COVID-19 situation, guidance is only offered by phone and chat for the time being. Meetings necessary for the customer can be held by appointment at the Kallio or Maunula office buildings or Monik’s premises in Puotinharju.

The information point’s walk-in services will open gradually by the end of 2021. We will share more information about this at a later date.

We provide guidance by phone and meet with customers from Tuesday to Thursday at 9–14. You can book an appointment via the phone numbers below.

If there are existing housing consultation services in your area, or you are already receiving services for the working age population, families or seniors, please contact your appointed contact person.

Service numbers of the information point:             

09-3103 4756 / 040 6822013

09-3102 3354 / 040 5264396

09-3103 4743 / 040 6772749

Chat service of the housing consultation services:

Please contact us if you have any questions!

Information about Housing consultation in English

The housing consultation and support services of the City of Helsinki have started the shared SAVE project to reduce and prevent homelessness. The project is funded by the City of Helsinki and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

Photo: Helsinki Social Services and Health Care