Hospital staff with masks on their faces.

Hospital visits banned as of 6 January

Due to the worsening COVID-19 situation, indoor visits by relatives and friends to Helsinki hospitals are prohibited as of 6 January 2022. The ban on visits is in force until further notice.

The ban applies to Laakso, Malmi and Suursuo hospitals as well as Aurora psychiatric hospital. Patients can be visited outdoors during this time.

We are prohibiting visits in order to protect patients and staff from COVID-19 infection.

You can talk to and ask about the health of your relative by phone.

We will let you know when visits are possible again. We apologise for the situation.

Visits to hospice patients and seriously ill patients allowed

If you come to visit, you must not have COVID-19, be quarantined or have even the slightest respiratory symptoms. Arrange your visit in advance with the staff.

Visitors must wear a face mask and ensure good hand hygiene and adequate safety distances.

You can ask for more information about visits from the hospital where your relative is being treated.

Image: Virpi Velin

The news was modified on January 10, 2022 so that the ban on visits also applies to Aurora Hospital.