Entrance to Herttoniemi hospital

Herttoniemi hospital is turned into a reserve hospital if necessary

The City of Helsinki is preparing to open the Herttoniemi reserve hospital for coronavirus patients. The hospital can be taken into use within a week. In the first stage one ward would be opened.

The aim of the reserve hospital is to ensure a sufficient number of bed spaces if the epidemic spreads. In Herttoniemi, 300–400 bed spaces can be opened.

- The need for the reserve hospital is assessed several times a week. For now there’s still space in Laakso hospital, but the situation can change fast, says the medical director of Helsinki hospitals.  

- If the situation gets more challenging we will start by opening one ward for the coronavirus patients. In the ward there is space for about 70 patients. We can gradually open more wards if necessary, Pikkarainen says.

The Herttoniemi hospital is a former hospital and therefore a good option for a reserve hospital.

- The space is good for this purpose and can be taken into use quickly with fairly small changes, Pikkarainen continues.

The residents of the senior centre in Herttoniemi will move to Kustaankartano if necessary

Myllypuro senior centre is currently operating in Herttoniemi hospital. The senior centre has been temporarily relocated to Herttoniemi because its own space is being refurbished.

If a ward for coronavirus patients is opened in the hospital, then residents of ward 4, which occupies the same floor, will be moved to Kustaankartano senior centre in Oulunkylä. They can stay there until the refurbishment of the Myllypuro senior centre is completed in the autumn of 2021.

The other residents can stay and live in the senior centre normally.

– The reserve hospital and its functions are designed so that it will hardly affect the operations at the senior centre. The residents can continue living safely in the senior centre, Pikkarainen says.

The relatives of the residents are being contacted separately about the reserve hospital plans. We have already started contacting them.

Picture: Maarit Miettinen