Man reads health instructions.

Helsinki to receive multilingual mobile coronavirus advisors

Coronavirus counselling will be even more visible in the streets of Helsinki. Multilingual mobile coronavirus advisors will start their work in Helsinki in November. The coronavirus advisors will be available for example in shopping centres, libraries, at Local Centres, youth centres and in educational institutions.

The coronavirus advisors will share information and advice on the coronavirus and direct people to social and healthcare services according to need. Advice will be provided in several languages.

This experimental project will be continued until the end of the year, and the coronavirus advisors will initially work in the areas most affected by coronavirus infections.

Similar services have been successfully tested in Norway and Sweden.

In the same connection, a mobile coronavirus testing point will be established. The intention is to facilitate coronavirus testing even further for those in need of it.

”Our aim is to support control over the epidemic in every conceivable way. For this reason, we are seeking for and experimenting with new ways to convey information on the virus and to tell people how each of use can contribute to prevent coronavirus infec-tions”, Head of Department Juha Jolkkonen reports.

Photo: Social services and health care