A young man keeping a safe distance and wearing a facemask is watching the evening program during an outdoor event.

Helsinki speeds up tracing in cooperation with young people

The number of coronavirus infections has gone up in Helsinki, especially among young adults. At the moment, about 80 new cases are found daily and there’s a delay with the tracing. Now we want to speed up tracing and prevent further infections by working together with young people.

Over half of new infections come from restaurants and bars as well as from other leisure time contacts in Finland.

We will contact those infected within 1–2 days. We ask them to fill an online form with information about those they have recently been in contact with who could have been exposed to coronavirus. It is very important to send the form without delay.

“We want to reach the exposed as quickly as possible even if the tracing is congested. This is why from now on we ask young people to let family and friends know about possible exposure. This can make the tracing faster by several days”, says Timo Lukkarinen, Medical Director of Health Stations.

“We would also like infected people to ask those who have possibly been exposed to avoid contact with others and be tested within 4–5 days of the exposure even if they don’t show any symptoms, or immediately if they show symptoms.

“Young people can reach those who have been exposed quickly and easily through their own channels. This is why it makes sense for us to co-operate. Young people have already been doing this with great success”, Lukkarinen continues.

Tracers will be in contact with exposed people later and will send them quarantine instructions. A message is normally sent by SMS and it should be replied to as soon as possible. If a reply is not sent, tracers will call.
You can easily book an appointment for a coronavirus test at omaolo.fi even if you don’t have symptoms, or by calling the Coronavirus Helpline, tel. 09 310 10024, (daily 8–18). There are many appointment times available.

In Helsinki, 12–15-year-olds in risk groups and those who are 16 years old or older are being vaccinated. Two vaccines protect well against the infection. Appointments can be booked online at bookcovidvaccine.fi or by phone, tel. 09 310 46300 (weekdays 8–18).

Photo: Unsplash / Jake Schumacher