The two vaccinators and the woman to be vaccinated are talking to each other.

Helsinki increases COVID-19 vaccinations

As the coronavirus epidemic escalates, Helsinki is boosting and accelerating COVID-19 vaccinations. At the beginning of January, a fifth vaccination point will open in Messukeskus and after the turn of the year, vaccinations will also be administered in the evenings and on Saturdays. The involvement of private occupational health services will speed up vaccinations for working-age people.

“As the Omicron variant spreads, we want to do everything we can to speed up COVID-19 vaccinations for Helsinki residents. This is reflected in a number of concrete measures,“ says Director of Health and Substance Abuse Services Leena Turpeinen.

Vaccinations for at-risk groups and people aged 60 and over guaranteed

Helsinki wants to ensure that people over 60 and those at risk receive the third vaccination dose as quickly as possible. New appointments for this group will be opened in the booking system from 23 December. Further appointments will be opened after this date as more vaccinators are recruited.

The Malmi vaccination point will be open on Boxing Day 26 December. Boxing Day vaccination appointments will be reserved primarily for people aged 60 and over and those at risk and will open on 23 December.

In addition, Helsinki will open vaccination points for people aged 60 and over in senior centres and hospitals in January. More information will be available after Christmas.

“It is important to ensure that the elderly and those at risk are vaccinated, as they are at higher risk of developing severe form of COVID-19,” says Medical Director of Health Stations Timo Lukkarinen.

Third doses are also available by appointment for adults aged 18–59. The first and second vaccinations are available without an appointment directly at the vaccination points.    

The Helsinki vaccination points in Jätkäsaari, Kannelmäki, Malmi and Myllypuro are open on weekdays 8:15–16:00 during the days leading to New Year’s Eve. The Malmi vaccination point is open on Boxing Day.

Messukeskus opens a vaccination point and Saturday becomes a vaccination day 

Helsinki’s fifth vaccination point will open in Messukeskus on Monday 3 January. The facility is well suited for vaccinations. It is in a central location with good transport connections. 

From Saturday 8 January, vaccination points in Helsinki will offer vaccination on Saturdays and weekday evenings.

Vaccinations in family centres and health centres

On Monday 27 December, the Itäkatu and Kallio family centres will start vaccinating children aged 5–11 years who belong to at-risk groups. You can book an appointment at 

Vaccinations are also offered at health centres during other visits.

More vaccinators – private occupational healthcare involved in vaccinations

Helsinki actively recruits vaccinators and offers its own staff the opportunity to do extra work at vaccination points. Private occupational health providers are also getting involved in vaccination at the beginning of the year.

“The involvement of private occupational health services will speed up vaccinations for working-age people. Occupational health services will inform their employees themselves when they start vaccinations,” concludes Leena Turpeinen.

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