Entrance at Malmi Hospital.

Helsinki hospitals allow outdoor patient visits

Relatives and loved ones are once again being allowed to visit Helsinki hospital patients, dependant on the patient’s status and condition. In most of the cases, the meeting must take place outdoors. Indoor visits to critically ill or palliative care patients can also be arranged with the proper precautions. The visits must be arranged in advance with the staff of the relevant hospital ward.

Visiting times are limited to a two-hour maximum. Visitors will be supplied with a surgical mask to cover their nose and mouth during the visits, and hospital staff will instruct the visitors in their proper use. Visitors will also be expected to wash and disinfect their hands carefully and to stay away if they are ill in any way.

Visitors may only meet with patients once per day. While most meetings should take place outdoors, arrangements can be made for visits to patients who are critically ill or in palliative care inside the hospital. Staff will instruct these visitors on how to maintain sufficiently safe distances. Hugging, for example, should be avoided.

“In light of the improvements in Helsinki’s coronavirus situation and yesterday’s new government policies on visiting practices, we are now able to start relaxing restrictions on hospital visits. We will do this in a controlled manner, and this first phase will weigh each meeting in consideration of the patient’s status and condition. We are monitoring the coronavirus situation at all times, together with our physicians that specialise in infectious diseases, and following the appropriate guidelines from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health,” says Seija Meripassi, director of the City of Helsinki’s Hospital, Rehabilitation and Care Services unit.

Please contact the hospital in question for more information. There are three City of Helsinki hospitals, located in the districts of Laakso, Malmi and Suursuo.

Picture: Helsinki City's material bank / Mikael Lindén