Vaccination is given.

Helsinki continues vaccinations in health care and elderly care

Helsinki is continuing the coronavirus vaccinations for the third week running. Over the course of the first two weeks, the City of Helsinki has vaccinated almost 3,000 health care and elderly care professionals and elderly care customers.

This week, roughly 3,000 vaccinations will be administered, i.e. the entire quantity of vaccines available.

Among other locations, this week’s vaccinations will be provided at about 30 nursing homes. The vaccinations of private health care and elderly care personnel have also been initiated.

“According to the current estimate, it will most likely take until the end of January to vaccinate all professionals who come into contact with the coronavirus in their work as well as elderly care workers and residents, and other essential social and health care workers. After this, we will begin the vaccinations of elderly people and persons who are susceptible to the severe form of COVID-19,” says Leena Turpeinen, Director of Health and Substance Abuse Services.

“Even though the vaccination process is now under way in elderly care, we will continue to adhere to careful protection measures in all elderly care services. Unfortunately, the vaccinations do not currently have any impact on visitation restrictions,” says Laura Pikkarainen, Medical Director of Helsinki City Hospital.

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Photo: City of Helsinki Social services and Health care