Nurse and vaccinated at the vaccination point after vaccination.

Helsinki about to begin vaccination of elderly people

Helsinki has continued coronavirus vaccinations without delay as vaccines have become available. Last week, some 4,000 vaccines were administered in Helsinki. The vaccinations of health care personnel involved in coronavirus-related work, care service professionals, and home care and home hospital workers will continue through this week.

Helsinki will receive roughly 4,000 new vaccines for the current week. Approximately half of them will be used for booster vaccinations.

The booster vaccination of the elderly residents of care homes and sheltered housing units will begin this week. The vaccination coverage of care home residents has now increased beyond 92%. The process of vaccinating home care customers will also begin this week with the oldest customers. Home care workers will be providing more detailed information about the vaccinations to home care customers.

Seniors about to receive their vaccines

According to the current plan, the vaccination process will begin in the first week of February with persons turning 85 this year (born in 1936) and older locals.

Vaccination appointments can be made at or by calling the appointment booking number. Appointment booking will open later this week. We will be communicating about the opening separately.

Vaccination invitations will be sent to one age group at a time

Vaccination invitations will be sent to one age group at a time After persons aged 85 and above, those between 80 and 84 years of age will be invited. According to the current estimate, they will be vaccinated later in February. The timing of the vaccination of each age group depends on how many vaccines are secured and how quickly. The official carer of each elderly person will always be invited to attend the vaccination.

Information on the vaccination of elderly persons will be provided through a variety of channels. All persons aged 70 and above will receive a notice to their home address.

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Photo: City of Helsinki Social Services and Health Care division