Helsinki to start publishing regular covid-19 statistics

The City of Helsinki has decided to begin releasing statistics on the number of covid-19 infections and fatalities in the city. The information will be published on the City of Helsinki website every Tuesday and Thursday at 5 pm, until further notice.

As of Monday, 20 April, according to the most recent information available, a total of 1,571 Helsinki residents have contracted the covid-19 coronavirus. Of this number, 77 have died, and 49 of the 77 were customers of care services.

The number of deaths among people in care services should be considered in light of the fact that until last week, this figure included those deaths that had not been confirmed as being related to covid-19 in laboratory testing.

In line with instructions from the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare (THL), the city will in future report the number of laboratory-confirmed covid-19 deaths.

Helsinki’s situation update on coronavirus