Health Station Staff Transferred to Infection tracing – Non-urgent care reduced temporarily

The incidence of coronavirus infections in Helsinki is high. Therefore, staff will be transferred from the health stations to infection tracing for a four-week period starting on 17 March. During this period, it will not be possible to book non-urgent appointments at the health stations.

There is, however, no need to cancel already assigned non-urgent appointments. Some appointments may be cancelled, though. The client will be contacted in such cases. Urgent and essential appointments will be arranged normally at the health stations.  

Please contact the health stations in non-urgent matters after the epidemic has eased. 

“In this epidemic situation, we make every effort to ensure fast infection tracing. This is important to prevent and curb the spread of the epidemic,” Medical Director of Health Stations Timo Lukkarinen says.   

The call-back service of the health stations will operate at reduced opening hours – Mon-Fri 8:00-14:30 – for four weeks from 17 March to 13 April.

“We will relocate about 50 health station employees to infection tracing. The health station employees will return to the health stations as soon as we are able to hire external workforce and relocate staff from other City services to infection tracing,” Lukkarinen continues.

Clients who have already booked an appointment are requested to visit. It is safe to visit the health stations even during the coronavirus pandemic. You can also interact with us electronically (