Helsinki offers free-of-charge contraception to those under the age of 25

Free-of-charge contraceptives for those under the age of 25

Helsinki offers free-of-charge contraception to residents of Helsinki and students of Helsinki’s educational institutions who are under the age of 25.

The types of contraceptives offered by the City include contraceptive pills, vaginal rings, IUDs, contraceptive implants and condoms.  Young people can ask the nurse of their own educational institution, their local health station or from Helsinki’s centralised contraceptive advice service for more information on contraception. Starting contraception with the support of a professional is both safe and easy.

Lowering the threshold for asking about contraception and using contraceptive services promotes well-being and health, especially among young people. The resulting reduction in the numbers of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases also leads to health care cost savings.

Gynaecologist Satu Suhonen wants to encourage young people to broach the subject of contraception with their loved ones as well as with professionals. Suhonen is the physician in charge of Helsinki’s centralised contraceptive advice service.

“A large proportion of abortions are performed on young people under the age of 25, which is why Helsinki wants to focus its efforts on this age group,” Satu Suhonen explains.  

Suhonen also raises the subject of using condoms in conjunction with other contraceptives.

“The condom is indispensable when it comes to preventing sexually transmitted diseases, which is why its use is highly encouraged.”

“Helsinki provides a wide range of contraceptive advice services. In addition to providing advice, we also talk to clients about their rights in regard to their own sexuality and body. We also ask about sexual harassment,” Suhonen continues.

Campaign launches in June

Helsinki is launching a free-of-charge contraception campaign at the start of June, which will be visible on both the streets and digital media.

The campaign will be on display for two weeks from 1 June in metro and tram cars, in some of the city’s central metro stations and in the Forum and Itäkeskus shopping centres, for example.

Free-of-charge contraception will also be prominently highlighted on the City of Helsinki Social Services and Health Care Division’s website and its social media channel on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. We’ve also prepared some cards and posters in support of the campaign, which we will be distributing to the Social Services and Health Care Division’s units and cooperation partners.

Student health care contraception appointments now available in the summer as well

This summer, the students of Helsinki’s educational institutions can take care of contraception matters at centralised clinics. For more information on the centralised summer clinics, please contact your educational institution’s nurse or call the appointment booking number 050 310 5560.

  • 4–21 June and 6–12 August Student health care service of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Tukholmankatu 10
  • 11 June–13 July and 30 July–3 August student health care, Mechelininkatu 46 A