Elderly man getting vaccinated.

Fourth doses of corona vaccination for elderly people with reduced health and functional capacity

The fourth dose of the corona vaccination is now offered for Helsinki residents aged 65 or older who need someone to help them in their daily life.

The vaccine is given without an appointment at the vaccination points, the locations and opening hours of which are listed at hel.fi/vaccination. At the end of the week, you can also book a time at bookcovidvaccine.fi or by calling 09 310 46300 on weekdays from 8–16.

The fourth dose can be administered when at least three months have passed since the third dose.

“The fourth dose is a booster vaccine to improve protection against coronavirus disease for the elderly with multiple conditions and frailty in particular,” says Timo Lukkarinen, Medical Director of Health Stations.

Persons who have recovered from COVID-19 not in need of fourth dose

Currently, a fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine will not be administered if the elderly person has received three doses of the vaccine and has been infected with coronavirus.

Vaccination requires a valid form of ID

In order to get a vaccine, you must prove your identity, for example, with an ID card or Kela card. The vaccine product for the fourth dose is Pfizer mRNA. More information on the vaccine is available on the THL website. Getting the vaccine is voluntary and free of charge.

Further information

Picture: Virpi Velin