Vaccinator vaccinating woman.

Fourth corona vaccine dose to people over 60 years or at risk without appointment

Starting from Wednesday, 24 August, a fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine is given without booked appointment to persons aged 60 years and older and to persons aged 18 and older who belong to risk groups. The fourth dose can be administered when at least three months have passed since the third dose.

Vaccines are administered at vaccination points, the locations and opening hours of which are listed at You can get the vaccine by showing your identity card or Kela card.

You can also book an appointment for the fourth dose

The quickest way to book an appointment is at An appointment can also be booked by calling +358 9 310 46300 on weekdays at 8:00–16:00.

Persons who have recovered from COVID-19 do not need the fourth dose

Currently, the fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine will not be given if the person has had three doses and the disease, and the interval between the vaccine and the disease is at least six weeks. Having had COVID-19 is equivalent to one vaccine dose. In this case, you have excellent protection against severe coronavirus disease. It makes no difference in which order you had the vaccine doses and disease.

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Photo: Virpi Velin