Buildings at Koskela hospital area and a parkway

Five coronavirus infections found in Koskela senior centre

All 17 residents in the unit were tested immediately after the first case was found. During the testing four more cases were found. The whole staff of the unit is also tested.

– The epidemiologic operations unit organised the testing of the residents very fast. Now we will do everything we can to keep the coronavirus from spreading in the senior centre, says service district director, Helena Venetvaara.

– We are now looking for the source of the infection, but we can’t yet say with certainty what it is, says the Chief Physician of the epidemiologic operations, Hanna Isosomppi.

As a precautionary measure all residents in the group home are treated in quarantine-like conditions. The residents treated in their own rooms if possible, and nurses follow safety precautions to prevent droplet infection and touching. The relatives of the residents in the group home have been informed about the situation.

Visits to the group home are not possible at the moment. The relatives can, however, be in contact e.g. by phone.

 Picture: Seppo Laakso