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Fill out the online form - this will speed up infection tracing and your own service transactions

The City of Helsinki has an online form that asks those who have been infected with or exposed to COVID-19 key information about their infection or exposure. The form also provides detailed instructions on how to proceed.  

“We will send a text message to everyone infected as soon as we receive information about their infection. They will receive a link to a secure form via SMS. The form contains instructions for them related to isolation. We also use the same form to ask for information on potential exposures. We provide clear instructions for this” , says Sanna Isosomppi, Chief Physician, Epidemiologic Operations Unit.  

“ Based on the information provided by the infected person, we can also quickly send a link to a secure form via text message to those identified as being exposed, where they will receive instructions on how to quarantine”.  

Sanna Isosomppi encourages everyone to fill in the form.  

“By filling in the form carefully and quickly, you speed up the tracing work and help break up the infection chains”, Isosomppi continues. 

To access the form, users must sign in with suomi.fi identification using banking codes, a mobile certificate or an electronic identity card. The form can also be completed in Swedish and English.  

Image: Unsplash