West harbour and pedestrians.

Extensive offering of coronavirus tests to ship passengers in West Harbour

An intensified offering of Voluntary coronavirus tests was made available to ship passengers travelling from Estonia September 30. The screening tests were offered to everyone disembarking on foot.

The total number of passengers was 141, of whom 23 took the coronavirus test. A variety of means, such as onboard announcements, were employed to advise passengers to take the test. The test was offered to passengers arriving on Eckerö Line’s m/s Finlandia and Tallink’s Megastar. The City of Helsinki provided health guidance and HUSLAB handled the testing.

“The general attitude towards the health guidance and sampling arrangements was positive. We will use the experience gained when assessing and steering our corona-related health guidance and sampling efforts in harbour areas”, says Director of Health and Substance Abuse Services Leena Turpeinen.

Currently, health guidance is available at the City’s passenger ports in Jätkäsaari, Katajanokka and Vuosaari. The operating model for the health guidance points was prepared in cooperation with the Port of Helsinki, shipyards, Finnish Border Guard, Customs, HUS, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, and Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, among other bodies.

Photo: Antti Pulkkinen