Malmi hospital's entrance.

Duration of visits to hospitals no longer limited

Family and friends can visit patients in Helsinki’s hospitals without a time limit.

From Monday, 7 March, patients being treated in Helsinki hospitals can be visited without a time limit. Previously, visits to patients were limited to 30 minutes.  

Two persons may visit the hospital at the same time, and a patient may have visitors up to twice a day.

Visits to the hospital must always be notified in advance to the hospital staff, at the latest the day before.  

Hospital visits still affected by coronavirus

Every visitor is provided a face mask, which they must wear throughout the visit. The visitor must also ensure an adequate safety distance to other patients.

Anyone with a coronavirus infection or even the slightest symptoms consistent with COVID-19 must not visit.

For people exposed to COVID-19, it is still recommended to avoid contact with non-residents of the same household for at least five days, and this also applies to visits to hospitals.

You can ask for more information about visits from the hospital where your relative/friend is being treated.

Read the visitor guidelines

See hospital contact information

Photo: Paavo Jantunen