You can download the app on your phone for free via the most common app stores.

Download the Koronavilkku app on your phone

The Koronavilkku smartphone application has now been launched, with the purpose of breaking coronavirus infection chains. You can download the app on your phone for free via the most common app stores.

The app is currently available in Finnish and Swedish. The English version will be launched later in the autumn.

Protect yourself and those around you

With the app, you can do your part to stop the coronavirus from spreading and protect both your own health and those around you. The app helps reach those exposed to the virus.

If a person who has downloaded the app gets infected, the data collected by the app can be used to trace the phones that have been near the infected in the past two weeks. The app does not collect data about people or locations.

Using the app is voluntary, but the more people are using it, the more helpful it will be.

“I heartily recommend that as many people as possible start using the app,” states the Director of Social Services and Health Care Division Juha Jolkkonen.

“I hope the new app will also simplify the work of Helsinki’s social services and health care professionals when they need to trace the people exposed to the virus. However, we all still need to maintain the familiar means of preventing the coronavirus, such as good hand and coughing hygiene and sufficient distances,” Jolkkonen adds.

The app was made available on 31 August

The Koronavilkku app is available on app stores. However, it may not appear immediately via the app store’s search function. The app can be downloaded immediately via the links on the website. The website also includes additional information about the app.

The app has been developed by the software company Solita. The development also involved the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Kela and SoteDigi Oy, in addition to the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.