A nurse is vaccinating a woman at the Malmi vaccination point.

Distribution of the bulletins about coronavirus vaccines for 70–74-year-olds will be continued – earlier issue is solved

Helsinki is continuing the distribution of the coronavirus vaccine bulletins for 70–74-year-olds. The previously detected issue is solved.

Distribution of the bulletins was interrupted because of an issue with address selecting. In a small number of bulletins, name and address details did not match. We apologise for the inconvenience.

The distribution is done from scratch and bulletins will be delivered to 70–74-year-olds as soon as possible.

Bulletins do not contain any personal data. They only include general information about the coronavirus vaccine, appointment booking for the vaccine and vaccination points. The content of the bulletin is the same for all recipients.

The appointment booking for 70–74-year-olds opened on Tuesday 9.3. People in this category can make an appointment booking as normal, either online at coronavaccine-en.hel.fi or by calling 09 310 46300 on weekdays 8–18. We have make announcements about the appointment booking on the city’s website, in social media and in newspapers.

The bulletin that is sent to everyone can also be read at coronavaccine-en.hel.fi.

More information about the coronavirus vaccine 

Picture: Virpi Velin