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Different kinds of people are a resource in the workplace

Mental disorders do not prevent work. Helsinki is involved in a national project to help psychiatric clients find employment. Would you be willing to hire a mental health rehabilitee?

For many psychiatric clients, work and meaningful activities are an important part of well-being and rehabilitation. Work offers experiences of success, promotes rehabilitation and lets the employee be part of the workplace community.

“Our clients are supported by their own job coach and treatment unit. For example, the job coach can help the coachee find an interesting job and support them with work-related issues,” says Project Specialist Anne Nordlund.

Employer, are you looking for an employee?

If hiring a mental health rehabilitee could be a viable option for you and your company, Anne Nordlund encourages you to get in touch.

“We are well acquainted with our jobseeker clients and their strengths. We are often able to recommend just the right employee for the organisation. The employer and the work community are supported by a job coaching professional.”

“Diversity in the workplace is a resource. According to studies, work communities consisting of different kinds of employees are healthy and innovative.  At best, both learn from each other,” says Anne Nordlund.

National project

The Helsinki project is one of the regional Individual Placement and Support (IPS) experiments funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in 2021 and 2022. The IPS experiments are part of the implementation of the National Mental Health Strategy. The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare coordinates the experiments and carries out an evaluation study of the IPS model.

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