Three elderly people sitting by a fireplace.

Day activities for the elderly to start re-opening on 2 November

Day activities for the elderly will start re-opening on 2 November. The activities will be re-opened in a limited capacity only for clients who are assessed as being most in need of support. Such clients include informal care families in challenging situations, for example.

Clients selected to participate in day activities will receive personal invitations to participate.

“For now, due to the coronavirus situation, day activities can only be arranged for clients most in need of support. Each client’s need for support will be assessed by the Client Counselling Unit and Day Activities Unit workers,” says primary nurse Heli Sillanpää.

“Our highest priority is the safety of our clients. We are constantly monitoring the development of the coronavirus situation in collaboration with the City’s epidemiologic operations unit.”

Special attention paid to the safety of day activities

Day activities will be arranged in small groups, and group compositions will remain fixed. Safe distances and good hand hygiene will be strictly observed during day activities days. The daily programmes will also be planned taking into account current restrictions.

 “Day activities will not include sing-alongs or singing performances, for example,” Sillanpää says. 

Clients are instructed to wear face masks for the entire duration of day activities days and asked to bring their own face masks with them. During transports, the number of passengers will be limited.

“We would like to remind clients that they are only allowed to participate in day activities while healthy. Clients who display even mild symptoms indicative of COVID-19 cannot participate in day activities,” Sillanpää emphasises.

Picture: Seppo Laakso