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COVID-19 vaccinations for 12–15-year-olds in schools off to a good start – “At this vaccination pace, we are likely to achieve good vaccination coverage in this age group”

COVID-19 vaccinations for children and young people aged 12–15 in Helsinki schools have started well. Children and young people have been active in getting vaccinated amid the busy start of the school term. At present, around 45% of children aged 12–15 have received their first vaccine.

Vaccinations in Finnish-language schools started on 12 August. Vaccinations in Swedish-language schools started 17 August. The school term for Swedish-language comprehensive schools started on Monday 16 August. Coronavirus vaccinations in Helsinki schools will continue until 23 August.

Children aged 12–15 can also get vaccinated by appointment at Helsinki vaccination points, after 23 August as well. Plenty of vaccination appointments have been reserved for the coming weeks.

“We would like to thank the children and young people as well as their guardians for how well the coronavirus vaccinations in schools have gone. Teachers, principals and school nurses have worked hard to organise the vaccinations, which is why the vaccinations were delivered so quickly. Feedback on the arrangements has been largely positive,” says Medical Director of Western Health Stations Timo Carpèn.

“At this vaccination pace, we are likely to achieve good vaccination coverage in this age group. The vaccinations will, among other things, make it possible for children and young people to attend normal contact teaching in the autumn,” Carpèn continues.

Booster shots are also administered at the schools after 8–12 weeks. More detailed information about the school-specific vaccination schedule will be provided via Wilma once the schedules have been confirmed.

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Picture: City of Helsinki's material bank