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Coronavirus infections occurred at Ruusulankatu housing service unit

32 residents and 5 employees were found to be infected with the novel coronavirus at the turn of the year at Ruusulankatu housing service unit. The isolations and quarantines ended on 10 January. Control over the situation was regained through effective isolation and protection measures and extensive mass testing.

The residents and staff of the house were tested at the turn of the year. A mobile coronavirus testing group carried out the testing on site.

The infected residents were ordered into isolation and the exposed residents were quarantined. The isolations and quarantines were mainly carried out in the residents’ own apartments. The majority of those infected developed only mild symptoms. One resident had to be hospitalised.

To make isolation and quarantine possible at the housing service unit, the city and Sininauha Oy arranged daily on-site support and care, including meal bags, for the residents.

“We have enjoyed good and close cooperation with the experts of the City of Helsinki social services and health care division. Although the situation was serious, we managed to regain control through swift action,” unit head Mija Alho says.

“We will continue to keep an eye on the situation, comply with the agreed protection measures and offer coronavirus tests for the residents with a low threshold,” Alho continues.

Sininauha Oy’s Ruusulankatu housing service unit’s apartments are intended for young adult residents of Helsinki with substance abuse and/or mental health problems and with long-term housing-related problems. The residents of the unit are supported by on-site personnel around the clock. Ruusulankatu operates on the ‘apartment first’ principle. There are 91 residents in the house.

The City of Helsinki purchases supported housing for substance abuse and mental health clients from Ruusulankatu housing service unit. The residents live in their own apartments and conclude a rental agreement with Sininauha Oy.